I don't paint things; I forget the thing and paint the emotion and experience. The most beautiful thing about making art is that I am able to immortalise and materialise a feeling with colour and texture. I see colour in the same way that melody comes to me when writing music - I believe that they both come from the same place as a means of expression. My art is self-confessional and every time I paint, I learn something new; it humbles me, gives me a sense of order within myself, educates me and teaches me to trust my subconscious. I believe that all art is a language. A painting should not just be a picture; it should tell the story of a picture – not as it is visually seen, but as the artist sees it from within. To me, this is the most honest and unapologetic form of communication that can exist.

- Gina Kushka

Nov 2017

Apr 2017